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Dr. Yehudah Pryce, DSW, MSW




Featured Speakers

Our featured speakers utilize lived experience to connect with listeners’ own lived experience in a motivational and inspiring way that can contribute to the wellness of individuals and organizations.  Speakers can customize their content to connect with salient themes pertinent to our client’s desires (as much as it pertains to the speaker’s own lived experience or expertise).

Dr. Yehudah Pryce speaks on his journey from juvenile delinquency and a 24-year prison sentence to Judaism, his lived experience as a convicted street terrorist, and his expertise in smart decarceration. His experience as a clinical social worker with currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated community members, as well as with the chronically homeless community members and those struggling with substance use, has enabled Dr. Pryce to pull from several areas of thought and expertise to weave together compelling subject matter that draws Jews closer to Hashem, ahavas Yisroel, and understanding the opportunities of individuals and organizations being able to operate optimally via DEI wellness.

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