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Individual Wellness Sessions

We're into helping others live purposefully and passionately, utilizing general and targeted coping and interpersonal strategies with the intent of providing the opportunity for genuine transformation and maintenance. Consultants utilize their lived experience of delivering personal development curriculum and modalities to individuals who are incarcerated, individuals navigating reentry, struggling adolescents, students, professionals, executives, frum youth and adults, and community members struggling with addiction. 


Diversity & Inclusion Consultations

In contemporary times, contending with racial injustice and equity have become important social justice aims for socially conscious organizations. However, steps to address diversity and inclusion needs within organizations can expose employees and management to divisive content that can work against individual and organizational wellness. Reish Lakish Consulting’s founder received extensive doctoral education in diversity, equity, intersectionality, inclusion, antiracism and power sharing frameworks to know that sometimes even the best of intentions can divide more than unite. Reish Lakish Consulting has developed organizational trainings and broad consultation services to deliver non-controversial, but highly effective, modalities of inclusion and equity that decreases intra-organizational conflicts and increases employee and client wellbeing. Reish Lakish Consulting believes strongly in creating environments of belonging where diverse agency members feel free to fully be themselves and contribute all of themselves to their organization's mission.


Featured Speakers

Our featured speakers utilize lived experience to connect with listeners’ own lived experience in a motivational and inspiring way that can contribute to the wellness of individuals, communities and organizations. Also, Dr. Yehudah Pryce speaks on matters of t'shuvah, second chances, and the diversity of experiences in Yiddishkeit that seeks to build bridges, inspire personal growth, combat antisemitism, build up Jewish idenity and strengthen the unity of Klal Yisroel.  


Custom Services

Do you or your organization have unique needs that you would like to collaborate with Reish Lakish consultants on? Contact us for customized services to meet your specialized needs.

Wellness Sessions

About Dr. Yehudah Pryce, DSW, MSW

After serving 16 years of a 24 year prison sentence that began when he was a teenager, Dr. Yehudah Pryce, DSW, MSW  graduated Summa Cum Laude from Adams State University, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Welfare. He susquently earned his Master of Social Work degree in from the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work where he was the Chair of Unchained Scholars. Dr. Pryce was named Student of Year at Simmons University, where he earned his Doctorate of Social Work. While in incarcerated he helped develop personal curriculum and facilitate groups of up to 60 diverse incarcerated community members. Dr. Pryce was previously an ICMS (intensive case management services) case manager and program manager serving community members who were chronically homeless and contending with mental health challenges in South Los Angeles and Skid Row. He also volunteered for years as a psychotherapist at a Jewish residential treatment center in Los Angeles. Dr. Pryce currently works as a clinical social worker in a collaborative court program for justice-involved transitional age youth and he is the Senior Director of National Mental Health & Well-Being programs at a national nonprofit organization that delivers in-prison and reentry curriculum and support.

Dr. Pryce (Yehudah ben Avraham) underwent an Orthodox gerus through the Rabbinical Council of California and lives with his wife and four children in Irvine, California.

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